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Reading the Paranormal 2017 Series Tracking

In 2013 and 2014, I co-hosted and hosted the Seriously Series reading challenge. While it didn't come back in 2015, I was personally motivated by being able to track series I was actively working on and/or planned on finishing up. So I did that. And I have to say it helped me get some of the books sitting on my bookshelves/kindle read.

For 2017, I'm going to do much the same as in 2015 & 2016. I'll track. I'll keep a running tally. I'll see what I can get read. Recap posts go up every three months to allow me to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to previous years/quarters.

    Series Started in 2017
    21/12 series

    • Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides by Elsa Jade
      • After Burn
    • Cyborg Shifters by Naomi Lucas
      • Wild Blood
    • Dear Professor by Penny Reid
      • Kissing Tolstoy
    • The Debt by Molly O'Keefe
      • Ruin You
    • Guards of Attala by Mira Maxwell
      • Her Alien Commander
    • Hard Play by Nalini Singh
      • Cherish Hard
    • Heart Falls by Vivian Arend
      • A Rancher's Heart
    • Mail-Order Brides by Various
      • Alien's Mail-Order Bride
      • The Wolf's Mail-Order Bride
      • The Runaway Mail-Order Bride
    • O'Kane for Life by Kit Rocha
      • Beyond Forever
    • Oberon's Meaty Mysteries by Kevin Hearne
      • The Squirrel on the Train
    • Off Guard by Katie Allen
      • Baking Lessons
    • Rocky Mountain K9 Unit by Katie Ruggle
      • Survive the Night
    • Seven Kennings by Kevin Hearne
      • A Plague of Giants
    • Shifter Rogues by Celia Kyle
      • Wolf's Mate: Nine Month Mission
    • Single Dad on Top by J.J. Knight
      • Single Dad on Top
      • Single Dad Plus One
    • Star Guardians by Ruby Lionsdrake
      • Ariston
    • Texas Paranormals by Christi Snow
      • Smolder
      • Shiver
    • The Venom Trilogy by Shannon Mayar
      • Venom and Vanilla
    • WAGs by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy
      • Good Boy
      • Stay
    • Warriors of the Lathar by Mina Carter
      • Her Alien Lord
      • Claiming Her Alien Warrior
    • Wrong by Jana Aston
      • Wrong
                                  Series in progress

                                      Series Started before 2017
                                      12/12 series

                                      • Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper by J.L. Bryan
                                        • The Tower
                                      • Found by Christi Snow
                                        • Found at the Jazz Club
                                      • Galactic Gladiators by Anna Hackett
                                        • Barbarian
                                      • Hell Squad by Anna Hackett
                                        • Reed
                                      • House of Payne by Stacy Gail
                                        • Max
                                      • Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon
                                        • The Corsair's Captive
                                      • Knitting in the City by Penny Reid
                                        • Dating-ish
                                      • Preternatural Affairs by S.M. Reine
                                        • The Road to Helltown
                                      • Six Pack Ranch by Vivian Arend
                                        • Rocky Mountain Desire
                                      • Snowcroft Men by Christi Snow
                                        • Intertwined Hearts
                                        • Snowcroft Restoration
                                      • Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries by Angie Fox
                                        • Murder on the Sugarland Express
                                      • Veredian Chronicles by Regine Abel
                                        • Raising Amalia
                                        In progress:
                                            • Araneae Nation by Hailey Edwards
                                              • A Time of Dying
                                              • A Kiss of Venom
                                              • A Breath of Winter
                                              • A Veil of Secrets
                                            • Bridgertons by Julia Quinn
                                              • Romancing Mr. Bridgerton
                                              • To Sir Phillip, With Love
                                              • When He Was Wicked
                                              • It's in His Kiss
                                              • On the Way to the Wedding
                                              • The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After
                                                • Dragon Kin by G.A. Aiken
                                                  • Light My Fire
                                                  • Feel the Burn
                                                • Ivy Years by Sarina Bowen
                                                  • The Understatement of the Year
                                                  • The Shameless Hour
                                                  • The Fifteenth Minute
                                                  • Psy-Changeling by Nalini Singh
                                                    • Tangle of Need
                                                    • Heart of Obsidian
                                                    • Sectors SF by Veronica Scott
                                                      • Mission to Majundar
                                                      • Trapped on Talonque

                                                                  Series rereads:
                                                                  10/11 series

                                                                    • Alien Abduction by Eve Langlais
                                                                      • Castles Ever After by Tessa Dare
                                                                      • Colbana Files by J.C. Daniels
                                                                      • Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong
                                                                      • Demonica Underworld by Larissa Ione
                                                                      • Gemini by Hailey Edwards
                                                                      • House of Payne by Stacy Gail
                                                                      • Immortal Ops by Mandy M. Roth
                                                                      • Mackenzies & McBrides by Jennifer Ashley
                                                                      • Pride by Shelly Laurenston
                                                                      In progress:
                                                                      • Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
                                                                        • Dark Lover
                                                                        • Lover Eternal
                                                                        • Lover Awakened
                                                                        • Lover Revealed
                                                                        • Lover Unbound
                                                                        • Lover Enshrined
                                                                        • Father Mine
                                                                        • The Story of Son
                                                                        • Lover Avenged
                                                                        • Lover Mine
                                                                        • Lover Unleashed
                                                                        • Lover Reborn

                                                                      • Started in 2017:
                                                                        • Completed: 10 - Big Sky Aliens Mail Order Brides (After Burn), Cyborg Shifters (Wild Blood), O'Kane for Life (Beyond Forever), Oberon's Meaty Mysteries (The Squirrel on the Train), Seven Kennings (A Plague of Giants), Single Dad On Top (Single Dad Plus One), Star Guardians (Ariston), The Venom Trilogy (Venom and Vanilla), Warriors of the Lathar (Her Alien Lord, Claiming Her Alien Warrior), Wrong (Wrong)
                                                                        • In progress: 1 - Texas Paranormals (Smolder)
                                                                      • Started before 2017:
                                                                        • Completed: 4 - Galactic Gladiators (Barbarian), House of Payne (Max), Ice Planet Barbarians (The Corsair's Captive), Preternatural Affairs (The Road to Helltown)
                                                                        • In progress:  Snowcroft Men (Intertwined Hearts)
                                                                      • Rereads:
                                                                        • Completed: -none-
                                                                        • In progress: -none-

                                                                      • Started in 2017:
                                                                        • Completed: 11 - Dear Professor (Kissing Tolstoy), The Debt (Ruin You), Guards of Attala (Her Alien Commander), Hard Play (Cherish Hard), Heart Falls (A Rancher's Heart), Knitting in the City (Dating-ish), Mail-Order Brides (Alien's Mail-Order Bride, The Wolf's Mail-Order Bride, The Runaway Mail-Order Bride), Rocky Mountain K9 Unit (Survive the Night), Shifter Rogues (Wolf's Mate: Nine Month Mission), Texas Paranormals (Shiver), WAGs (Good Boy, Stay)
                                                                        • In progress: - none-
                                                                      • Started before 2017:
                                                                        • Completed: 6 - Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper (The Tower), Found (Found at the Jazz Club), Hell Squad (Reed), Snowcroft Men (Snowcroft Restoration), Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries (Murder on the Sugarland Express), Veredian Chronicles (Raising Amalia)
                                                                        • In progress: -none-
                                                                      • Rereads:
                                                                        • Completed: -none-
                                                                        • In progress: -none-

                                                                      • Started in 2017:
                                                                        • Completed: 1 - Off Guard (Baking Lessons)
                                                                        • In progress: 
                                                                      • Started before 2017:
                                                                        • Completed: 2 - Bad Boys Inc. (Assassin Next Door), Six Pack Ranch (Rocky Mountain Desire)
                                                                        • In progress: 
                                                                      • Rereads:
                                                                        • Completed: 
                                                                        • In progress:

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                                                                      1. I miss this challenge! :( In its absense, I may do like you're doing and track my series anyway, as if the challenge were still going.